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Hi there!

It has been two years since we started kicking cancer and we are back to kick it again 🥊🥊

Tamahris is a people-focused company that helps organisations leverage human resources management technology. Our professional journey began more than 6 years ago and we continue to see the team grow organically both in Belgium, Denmark and Germany.

We enjoy supporting clients, as well as good social causes. We love sport, and running in particular. We are convinced that it is worth running to kick and are proud to do so, as persons, as a team and as a company.

Our fundraising team is composed of employees, relatives, friends and customers, all of them collecting funds individually.
Tamahris finances 100€ for each participating employee, and inscription fees for all the team members.
👉 You are here to play a part in helping your friend, family member, significant other, colleague etc. completing the remaining funds!

You can donate to individual team members directly from their fundraising page, or you can donate to the whole team by clicking on the I DONATE button, below ⬇️.

In 2018, Tamahris team counted 13 participants and collected 3292€. Last year, the team counted 24 participants and collected 5790€!
We will continue to grow our fundraising! Together, we can do this! 🙌
Let us make it BIG! And fun!

220€ raised

46 days left to support Tamahris

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Bram Van Gyzel

Bram Van Gyzel

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Zoé M

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