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by Ouliana Nikolaeva

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Music saves lives!

And this is something that I aim to prove with this page and my gigs.
We all have something in us that makes us special. Not the kind of special that gets us to be rich and famous. But something that we can contribute to make this world a better place to live.

KickCancer has it - it's the enthusiasm and energy that they put into curing kids' cancer.
They also count on a number of runners and athletes (20 km of Brussels, Run to Kick etc)

My thing has always been music. I compose, sing and play guitar to accompany my singing. This summer I decided to volunteer it for a cause that is close to my heart, that is why I chose KickCancer (Luca knows why).

I play at local events & markets, with a magic hat (Damn right it's magic! The hat cures kids' cancer!). During those events, every euro (dollar, penny, rupee, rouble..) counts. And it's the same here - any donation means that we have your support: myself as a singer and the kids (they all deserve a cancer-free life).

Dear street (and other) musicians, your talent is your tool :) We'd love to see you join the cause!

— Ouliana

We have a mission. A beautiful mission. We want to cure every child’s cancer.

Find new treatments, improve existing ones, and kick children’s cancer to send it far, far away forever and may it never come back!

We therefore financially support scientific research, and bring together the drive, inspiration and knowledge of everyone involved. From researchers, doctors and parents to politicians and pharmaceutical companies.

Only a joint effort can ensure that children with cancer are cured and better cured.

Your gift will finance either a research project selected by KickCancer in compliance with strict appraisal rules or our advocacy and awareness activities which aim at sustainably fixing the system, so that paediatric cancer no longer be left behind the innovation train.

Our research projects are innovative and European. They are selected in the framework of the FIGH KIDS CANCER European call for projects, about which you will find more information here.

Our advocacy and awareness activities are equally important. They aim at ensuring that pharmaceutical companies be mandated or incentivised to finance more research against paediatric cancers, that governments finance more research infrastructure and that other NGOs involved in the field of cancer take their part in the fight against paediatric cancers.

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36.49 €
Ouliana  —  2 years ago

Un grand merci à Marie-Joe et sa brocante couverte à Nivelles! Super accueil, ambiance familiale, des gens très sympas! Je reviendrai avec grand plaisir! :-)

10 €
Ouliana  —  2 years ago

It's sad for the person who lost the 10€ on the ground, but at least their money won't really be lost! This donation is made on behalf of that person, +1 to their karma :-)

59.41 €
Ouliana  —  2 years ago

Un grand merci à l'ASBL Nivelles Commerces et le festival des Food Trucs qu'ils organisent! Chouette ambiance et les gens très sympa!

40 €
Fabian  —  2 years ago
20 €
Serge  —  2 years ago

Happy BDay :-)

13.9 €
Ouliana  —  2 years ago

Merci à la petite brocante de Trivières avec les gens au grand coeur!

72.32 €
Ouliana  —  2 years ago

Brocante de Braine l'Alleud :-) Un grand merci aux organisateurs - ma participation a été offerte <3 Merci également aux enfants qui m'ont décoré le micro avec les ballons :-)

10 €
Anonymous  —  2 years ago
81.26 €
Ouliana  —  2 years ago

Brocante de Braine le Château <3 Merci aux organisateurs de la brocante qui m'ont offert ma participation ! Merci à tous les donateurs, y compris les enfants qui ont mis des bonbons dans mon chapeau :-)