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PYMS donne tout pour KickCancer

by Pierre-Yves Madoux

PYMS donne tout pour KickCancer
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Sportif du dimanche, je me suis mis au défi et je m’entraine chaque jour pour repousser mes limites afin d’atteindre un premier objectif : l’IRONMAN de Vichy. Je ne vous demande pas de vous entrainer chaque jour mais de me soutenir, de soutenir cette belle fondation et ensemble, nous ferons tomber les limites !

Redonnons l’espoir à ces petits boutchous !

Ce qui est pour moi, le plus motivant, c’est le rire d’un enfant.

Si vous aussi pensez comme moi, soutenez-moi !

Vous pouvez me suivre sur Facebook, aussi !

— Pierre-Yves

We have a mission. A beautiful mission. We want to cure every child’s cancer.

Find new treatments, improve existing ones, and kick children’s cancer to send it far, far away forever and may it never come back! We therefore financially support scientific research, and bring together the drive, inspiration and knowledge of everyone involved. From researchers, doctors and parents to politicians and pharmaceutical companies. Only a joint effort can ensure that children with cancer are cured and better cured.

Today, research is often funded at a national level or through networks. We want to do better. We indeed believe that the most promising projects, wherever they originate from, should be selected and financed. We simply want to find the best projects.

This is why KickCancer is going to launch shortly an open European call for research projects. For such a tender to be successful, we have to mobilise a significant amount of funds in order to make sure that the best (academic) research teams are motivated to participate.

Your donation will help increase the amount from KickCancer in that call. This call for project will be launched in the course of 2019 and we hope that it will raise the ambition of European researchers to a new exciting level in the field of paediatric oncology.

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Anonymous  —  7 months ago
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Charlotte  —  7 months ago

Force et courage Pierre Yves ! Un jour on la vaincra cette saloperie...

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Story Digital  —  7 months ago
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Alexandre  —  7 months ago

Com'On PYMS! Bonne merde et surtout have fun!

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Christian  —  7 months ago

Go go go !

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KomAddict  —  7 months ago

Come One Chef Komaddict est avec toi

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Michel  —  8 months ago
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