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Kanker is een vies beest. Help mij om die stomme kanker voor eens en voor altijd de wereld uit te helpen. Je kan dit doen door te sponsoren of door zelf deel te nemen.

— Noémie

We have a mission. A beautiful mission. We want to cure every child’s cancer.

Find new treatments, improve existing ones, and kick children’s cancer to send it far, far away forever and may it never come back! We therefore financially support scientific research, and bring together the drive, inspiration and knowledge of everyone involved. From researchers, doctors and parents to politicians and pharmaceutical companies. Only a joint effort can ensure that children with cancer are cured and better cured.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, 100% of the funds raised by you will finance innovative research projects selected thanks to the European FIGHT KIDS CANCER initiative.

FIGHT KIDS CANCER is a European call for projects that we launched together with Imaginefor Margo (France) and Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner (Luxembourg).

On April 22nd, we officially closed the application period with 23 projects submitted by research teams coming from 9 different European countries –while each project involves a collaboration with several other European teams.

We shall officially announce the selected projects mid-June, when the appraisal by independent international experts will have been completed.

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