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Little red lions

by Isabelle Erauw

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Nom du Club : Ixelles-Racing
Nom du joueur 1 : Jules
Nom du joueur 2 : Basile
Nom du joueur 3 : Benjamin
Nom du joueur 4 : Arthur

— Isabelle

La toute première édition du concours de SHOOT OUT aura lieu le 21 septembre prochain afin de récolter toujours plus de fonds pour la recherche contre les cancers pédiatriques

Today, research is often funded at a national level or through networks. We want to do better. We indeed believe that the most promising projects, wherever they originate from, should be selected and financed. We simply want to find the best projects.

This is why KickCancer is going to launch shortly an open European call for research projects. For such a tender to be successful, we have to mobilise a significant amount of funds in order to make sure that the best (academic) research teams are motivated to participate.

Your donation will help increase the amount from KickCancer in that call. This call for project will be launched in the course of 2019 and we hope that it will raise the ambition of European researchers to a new exciting level in the field of paediatric oncology.

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Bravo les gars pour votre initiative!

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