Goodbye Wendy <3

Goodbye Wendy <3
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Wendy is leaving our organisation, but she does not want a goodbye gift.
To her, the greatest gift, is giving to others.
Please make a voluntary contribution to Kick-cancer in Wendy's name.

— Goodbye Wendy <3

We have a mission. A beautiful mission. We want to cure every child with cancer.

Find new treatments, improve existing ones, and kick children’s cancer to send it far, far away forever and may it never come back!

We therefore financially support scientific research, and bring together the drive, inspiration and knowledge of everyone involved. From researchers, doctors and parents to politicians and pharmaceutical companies.

Only a joint effort can ensure that children with cancer are cured and better cured.

Your gift will finance either a research project selected by KickCancer in compliance with strict appraisal rules or our advocacy and awareness activities which aim at sustainably fixing the system, so that paediatric cancer no longer be left behind the innovation train.

Our research projects are innovative and European. They are selected in the framework of the FIGH KIDS CANCER European call for projects, about which you will find more information here.

Our advocacy and awareness activities are equally important. They aim at ensuring that pharmaceutical companies be mandated or incentivised to finance more research against paediatric cancers, that governments finance more research infrastructure and that other NGOs involved in the field of cancer take their part in the fight against paediatric cancers.

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15 €
Maryssa  —  2 years ago

Take care, Wendy! All the best!!! A big hug, Maryssa

20 €
Anka  —  2 years ago

Great initiative Wendy - all the best to you!

20 €
marie  —  2 years ago

Ce fut un plaisir de collaborer avec toi. Bonne continuation

40 €
Koen  —  2 years ago
20 €
Catherine  —  2 years ago

Farewell Wendy

20 €
Deborah  —  2 years ago

Hey Wendy, we haven't worked a long time together, but I could quickly understand why you'll be missed. I wish you the best ! xx Deb

20 €
Nadia  —  2 years ago

Un plaisir d'avoir fait ta connaissance Wendy, très bonne continuation pour la suite <3

40 €
Bernadette  —  2 years ago

Belle initiative, Wendy, ça me donne des idées. Bernadette

50 €
Emile  —  2 years ago

Bonjour Wendy Nous ne nous sommes pas souvent rencontrés, mais Bernadette m'a toujours parlé de toi en me faisant le portrait d'une personne sympathique et généreuse. Le choix de verser de l'argent à KickCancer plutôt que de recevoir un cadeau en est une preuve supplémentaire, j'ai donc décidé de participer moi aussi. Bonne chance dans ta nouvelle carrière Emile (le compagnon de Bernadette)

40 €
Bruno  —  2 years ago
40 €
Nicky  —  2 years ago

Lieve Wendy, Het was een plezier om je te leren kennen en je zal absoluut gemist worden! Ik hoop dat je nieuwe uitdaging je brengt waar je naar op zoek bent, ik ben er alvast van overtuigd dat ze daar heel veel aan je gaan hebben. Veel liefs, Nicky

15 €
Esther  —  2 years ago
20 €
Tineke  —  2 years ago

Hello Wendy, Voor mij was jij 200% Panda! Jammer dat ik weinig de kans heb om nog met je samen te werken. Succes in je volgende avontuur. Groetjes, Tineke

20 €
Paulien  —  2 years ago

Lieve Wendy Bedankt voor je inzichten, advies, verhalen, hulp, bemoedigende woorden... We gaan je missen! Veel succes met je nieuwe job Veel liefs Paulien

20 €
Delphine  —  2 years ago

Ik wens je het allerbeste, ma chère Wendy ! Dikke knuffels xxx Delphine