Céril steunt andere kindjes

Céril steunt andere kindjes
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Céril heeft ons hartje met liefde gevuld.
Graag delen we deze liefde en wat extra steun aan zieke kinderen, hun mama's, papa’s, broertjes en zusjes.

— Céril steunt andere kindjes

We have a mission. A beautiful mission. We want to cure every child with cancer.

Find new treatments, improve existing ones, and kick children’s cancer to send it far, far away forever and may it never come back!

We therefore financially support scientific research, and bring together the drive, inspiration and knowledge of everyone involved. From researchers, doctors and parents to politicians and pharmaceutical companies.

Only a joint effort can ensure that children with cancer are cured and better cured.

Your gift will finance either a research project selected by KickCancer in compliance with strict appraisal rules or our advocacy and awareness activities which aim at sustainably fixing the system, so that paediatric cancer no longer be left behind the innovation train.

Our research projects are innovative and European. They are selected in the framework of the FIGH KIDS CANCER European call for projects, about which you will find more information here.

Our advocacy and awareness activities are equally important. They aim at ensuring that pharmaceutical companies be mandated or incentivised to finance more research against paediatric cancers, that governments finance more research infrastructure and that other NGOs involved in the field of cancer take their part in the fight against paediatric cancers.

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40 €
Elisabeth  —  1 year ago

Mooi cadeau voor mooie mensen :-) Bravo voor Céril! Bette, Eva & co

50 €
Sara  —  1 year ago

❤️ Veel liefs van Sara, Benito, Brecht en Margot

40 €
Anonymous  —  1 year ago
100 €
NADINE  —  1 year ago
25 €
Karianne  —  1 year ago
75 €
Maggie (Magda)  —  1 year ago
25 €
Jelke  —  1 year ago
30 €
Anneleen  —  2 years ago

Welkom Céril! Dikke proficiat! Lieve groetjes van Melissa, Steven, Nelle, Anneleen, Maarten en Mats

50 €
Niels  —  2 years ago

Veel plezier met jullie nieuwe aanwinst! Liesbeth en Niels

30 €
Jef  —  2 years ago
125 €
Anonymous  —  2 years ago

Proficiat met jullie nieuw engeltje.

50 €
Peggy  —  2 years ago

Proficiat met de geboorte van Ceril, geniet ervan. Peggy en Chris

50 €
Nicky  —  2 years ago

Dikke proficiat en super initiatief. Tot binnenkort Céril!

100 €
Laura  —  2 years ago

Liefste Céril, Je bent nog zo klein, maar hebt toch al onze harten veroverd! Louise - nonkel Piet - tante Laura

50 €
mart  —  2 years ago

Welkom lieve Céril :)