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Why run

5 reasons to participate

Run to cure

In Europe, 35,000 children and young people between the ages of 0 and 23 are diagnosed with cancer every year. Little is known about the causes of these cancers and there are many different types. This makes each type of paediatric cancer a rare disease that struggles to attract sufficient scientific research.

As a result, survival rates have stagnated over the past 20 years and children continue to be treated with drugs that are sometimes more than 50 years old – while over the same period, innovation exploded for adults.

The treatments aren’t only old, they are also toxic and 2/3 of the children who recover, experience severe side effects.

To boost research in paediatric oncology and select the most promising projects in Europe, our Foundation, the French association Imagine for Margo and the Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner in Luxembourg, have joined forces and launched the FIGHT KIDS CANCER initiative. The funds you will raise for RUN TO KICK will be pooled together with those from France and Luxembourg. They will be used to finance the best research projects in Europe. The goal is to reach 3 million together!

Run to care

RUN TO KICK is an opportunity for families affected by children’s cancer to get together and gather around them their friends and colleagues who didn’t know how to help them during this storm.

Mobilizing others to advance research is also a great group therapy for these families.

Come and experience this festive, positive, light and moving moment that pays tribute to those who are fighting or have fought against cancer. It’s a sheer dose of hope and solidarity.

Run to be together

Running, walking, crawling, or being carried? It doesn’t matter!

At RUN TO KICK, it’s the one who raises the most money that goes up the podium!

No need to be a great sportsman: RUN TO KICK brings together all ages and all physical conditions. What they have in common is that they all have a furious desire to kick children’s cancer far away!

This is the perfect opportunity to steal away the podium from your marathoner friend! Or to meet the famous colleague “Marie” that your wife or mother keeps talking about, or to see your girlfriend’s cousin again.

Families, friends, businesses… Everyone can participate in RUN TO KICK!

What if you cannot join the RUN TO KICK village? WE GOT IT ALL SORTED OUT FOR YOU! RUN TO KICK can be turned into a close-to-home event as we propose you a connected mode. So, you can enjoy the RUN TO KICK atmosphere no matter the circumstances and wherever you are!

Run to be fit

2km, 5km, 10km… choose the challenge that fits you best!

Everybody is moving, but (almost) nobody is a real sportsman at RUN TO KICK. In any case, if you haven’t raced in 5 years, 6 months or 6 weeks, you won’t risk arriving last.

In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to get back into sport with joy, pursuing a noble goal! RUN TO KICK has no time registration, so no one will know your real running time ;-)

On the other hand, it’s just like a real race: provision stands with healthy products, stretching and running t-shirts are offered!

Run to enjoy

RUN TO KICK is switching to a chameleon mode in 2021. KickCancer can handle all kinds of situations to have fun and yet keep you safe. So get ready for our A, B and C plans… in truth, we know more alphabet letters but we decided to stick to three plans !

What if we can completely break free?

We’ll be expecting you in a Brussels’ park to experience a collective RUN TO KICK “in real life”, just like in good old days… but in the meantime, the event will be broadcasted live on our RUN TO KICK platform for those who want to follow us from their sofa (or elsewhere, we don’t need to know!).

If the audience must be limited?

We’ll switch to an “hybrid” mode. We’ll have a “real life event” in a Brussels’ park for those who wish to come (on a first notified, first served basis) to the extent authorised by the sanitary situation. For those who prefer to stay close to home, we shall place, on Sunday September 26th in the morning, vans in green areas throughout Belgium from which kickers can collect their t-shirt and goodies and run on non-signposted tracks that we shall propose (if they wish). We shall participate all together in RUN TO KICK thanks to the live broadcasted on our platform.

What if we may not organise any gatherings whatsoever?

We’ll become 100% connected! In that case too, we shall have vans plans parked throughout Belgium and suggestions for non-signposted tracks. T-shirts and goodies can be collected from the vans and you will have a chance to bump into other kickers with a distance if you are in luck! The ceremony will be live broadcasted on our RUN TO KICK platform at the end of the afternoon on Sunday.

In all three scenarios, we shall be together! And as always, t-shirts and refueling will be offered thanks to our partners. Naturally, the exact practical details will be communicated well before D-Day by email.


You can run, jog, walk, roll or crawl over 2, 5 or 10km but above all, you feel like shooting kids’ cancer far way?

If you want to participate alone or in a team, you still need to create your own individual fundraising page to get started.

Here is the registration procedure:

  1. Click on a button I register
  2. Watch out! If you wish to join an existing team, look for its name with our search engine located at the top of the screen and click on “I register with this team”.
  3. Fill in your personal information, choose your track and select your t-shirt size.
  4. Create your personal fundraising page.
  5. Add a nice picture and a personal presentation text. The more you customise your page, the more your friends will want to support your effort!
  6. Choose a password for your personal account. It will allow you to manage and edit your page later.
  7. Register other participants or finalise your own registration and pay the 10€ fees.
  8. Once your fundraising page is paid for, it will be published.
  9. You will soon receive an email confirming the completion of your registration.
  10. You can start fundraising like a champ!
    To find some inspiration, watch this short tutorial film.

Our base plan is that all the participants can meet together in the RUN TO KICK village.

But what if you cannot join the RUN TO KICK village (whatever the reason)? WE GOT IT ALL SORTED OUT FOR YOU! RUN TO KICK can be turned into a close-to-home event as we propose you a connected mode. So, you can enjoy the RUN TO KICK atmosphere no matter the circumstances and wherever you are!

If you want to participate in connected mode, please notify us and fill in this form.

What if I want to create a team?

Good idea! This allows you to join forces and raise as much as possible to fund the fight against children's cancer because don't forget that every runner of the team remains obligated to raise 200€ minimum(100€ for minors and students under 25) in order to be allowed to participate in RUN TO KICK.

To create your own team if you are not yet registered (Watch out! If you wish to join an existing team, look for its name with our search engine located at the top of the screen and click on “I register with this team”):

  1. Click on the button "I register”
  2. Proceed with the registration procedure as many times as number of people you want to have registered.
  3. Immediately after all registrations are completed, proceed by clicking on the "I create a team" button.
  4. Pick a nice picture and write a short text introducing your team.
  5. You will soon receive an email confirming the completion of your registration and the creation of your team.
  6. You can start inviting your friends to join your team and of course, fundraising like a champ!

To create a team if you are already registered :

You are already registered and wish to create a team? Login to your account (top right of the screen) and then, several options :

  1. Go to the teams’ list (under the teams’ podium “all the teams”) and click on the “I create a team” button.
  2. Go to your personal space: My pages > RUN TO KICK 2021 > My teams > click on “I create a team”.

You wish to join a team?

  • You are not yet registered and wish to join your friends’ and family’s (existing) team? It’s as easy as looking for the team’s name in our search engine on the top of your screen and clicking on “I register with this team”. Then, fill in the registration form.
  • If you are already registered and wish to join an existing team, log into your account first (top right of the screen). Then, look for your team’s name with our search engine on the top of the screen and click on “I join this team”.

Participate with my company

If your company is eager to support your team by sponsoring the registration costs and/or the team’s fundraising effort, please contact here and we shall be happy to create your team page.

We shall provide you with a secret registration link that should be shared within the company only. This link will enable every prospective runner to benefit from the advantages agreed with your company.

What we finance thanks to you

In 2020, we started allocating 100% of the funds raised by our participants to research projects selected in the framework of the FIGHT KIDS CANCER call for European projects.

FIGHT KIDS CANCER is a joint initiative by KickCancer, Imagine for Margo (France) and the Fondatioun Kriib- skrank Kanner (Luxembourg), the aim of which is to accelerate the most innovative treatments thanks to European financing and collaboration of research on paediatric cancers.

Fight Kids Cancer is developed in collaboration with the European Science Foundation and committee of international independent experts who help us select the best research projects.

In Belgium, France and Luxembourg, as well as in other European countries in the future, those projects are financed thanks to the organisation of our charity family races. When more runners participate or their motivation to fundraise increases, the amount we can invest in research follows suit.

Participate in RUN TO KICK 2021 by running, walking or donating to one of your friends who participate or by sponsoring us and make kids’ cancer forever frightened!

RUN TO KICK 2021: go for 1 million?

Our second FIGHT KIDS CANCER call for projects lead to the selection, by independent international experts, of 5 new innovative research projects of European scope for a total amount of 3,45 million euros of which KickCancer will finance 800 000 €.

Through these projects, we hope to foster improvements in the knowledge and treatment of the following diseases: B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (clinical trial), ewing's sarcomas (clinical trial), medulloblastomas (translational project), neuroblastomas (2 translational projects).

There is extra project we would love to tell you more about… but we need to raise more funds than initially planned. Are you in to help us reach one million euros to fund this mystery project?


770 runners participated in this exceptional connected edition and fundraised together 610 000€. Thanks to them we were able to finance the first 6 FIGHT KIDS CANCER projects. Thanks to those projects, we hope enable major progress in the under- standing and treatments of the following diseases: High-grade gliomas (one clinical trial and one translational project), acute myeloïd leukaemias, rhabdoid tumours, osteosarcomas and neuroblastomas.


1350 runners participated in this second edition and fundraised together 630 000€. Thanks to them, we were able to renew our structural support to the working costs of the BSPHO and finance, together with Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner (Luxemburg) and Imagine for Margo (France) the E-SMART project, a clinical trial with an innovative design, which aims at developing targeted therapies for children with a refractory or relapsing disease.


680 runners participated in this first edition and fundraised together 326 000€. Thanks to them, we were able to finance a first year of structural support to the working costs of the BSPHO. The aim of this financing is to enable the Belgian centres to coordinate their research activities in order to make them more effective and improve the care provided to Belgian patients.


Every runner is expected to raise 200€ minimum (100€ for minors and students under 25) through his/her RUN TO KICK fundraising page.

No worries, this goes much easier than you think! Check out this tutorial film to inspire you on how to fundraise super effectively!

You can share your own page, your team's page or your tribes to solicit donations. If your supporter chooses to make a donation on your team's or tribe’s page, the donation will automatically be equally split between the team members who are registered at the moment of the donation.

In all cases, 100% of the funds you raised will be used to fund research against children's cancer.

You want to find out which projects KickCancer finances with your gifts? Please click here to find out more about our projects.

Donation & tax reduction

If you want to support a runner, look for his or her name on the top of our page with our search engine. Then, click on “I donate”. If you don’t find him or her, ask to send you the link to his or her page.

You can also decide to support a whole team or a tribe at once. In that case, your donation will automatically be equally split between the team or tribe members who are registered at the time of your donation.

Your name, first name and email address will be communicated to the runner, the team captain or the creator of the tribe, depending on the type of page you will have supported.

Your first name will be mentioned on the page benefitting from the gift. If you do not agree, click on “Make my donation anonymous".

Thanks to our generous partners, 100% of the donations are used to finance research projects which aim at finding innovative treatments, improving existing ones and kicking children’s cancer to send it far, far away forever and may it never come back!

We have chosen reliable and experienced partners (Raise&Shine and Stripe) for your donations and the registration of your personal information. Your data are safe and handled in confidence.

If you donate 40€ or more over the course of a whole tax year (2021), you will receive during the first trimester of 2022 a tax certificate issued by the King Baudouin Foundation which manage your donations through the KickCancer Fund (paired with the KickCancer Foundation) and entitles you to a tax reduction of up to 45% of the amount given.

RUN TO KICK : The run

Getting There.

The RUN TO KICK village is easy to reach! Think green and come by public transport.

The meeting place is Le Parc Ossegem in Laeken right by the Brussels Atomium, at the junction of the districts of Jette en Schaarbeek.

The unique entrance of the RUN TO KICK village is at the Place Louis Steens on the Avenue du Gros Tilleul in 1020 Brussels.

Are you coming by bike?

The park is accessible to cyclists, at the main entrance there is a storage area for bicycles which will be guarded.

Don't have your own bike? No problem at all! You easily get to the Atomium on a Villo! bike (station 281). Click here for more info and rates:

You can also always opt for an electronic scooter from Lime, Dott of Bolt.

Are you coming by car?

Drop your friends, family or colleagues off at the Kiss & Ride zone on the Place Louis Steens just next to the main entrance of RUN TO KICK on the Avenue du Gros Tilleul in 1020 Brussels (via Boulevard du Centenaire).

Parking is free on Sundays in the orange zones : Boulevard du Centenaire, Avenue de l'Atomium en Avenue de Bouchout (between 5 – 9 min walk)

You can also park at Parking T (Atomium) of Brussels Expo (10€ per ticket). The car park is located at Boulevard du Centenaire 20 and is 800 meters from the entrance to the RUN TO KICK village).

By public transport

The site is easily accessible by public transport:


The nearest stop is Heysel accessible by metroline 6 (12 min walk).


— Take tramline 7 or 19 to the nearest stop Sint-Lambertus (7 min walk)
— Take tramline 3 to the nearest stop De Wand (9 min walk)
— Take tramline 93 or 51 to the nearest stop King Baudouin Stadium (11 min walk)


— Take bus 84 to the nearest stop Heysel (12 min walk)
— Take bus 88 to the nearest stop Heysel (12 min walk)

COVID measures

RUN TO KICK is a covid-safe zone. What does that mean exactly? Are you over 12 years of age? Then you need to have a valid Covid Safe Ticket to be allowed to enter the RUN TO KICK village. More information about the Covid Safe Ticket can be found here:

If you don't have a Covid Safe Ticket, you can get a free antigen rapid test at the entrance. So be sure to arrive on time if you want to make the starting shot!


09:00Opening of the RUN TO KICK village
10:30Collective warm-up
10:45All runners head to the start
11:00Starting gun for 2km, 5km and 10km
11:20Arrival of the first runners
12:00Collective stretching
12:30Official awards ceremony
15:00The end…

The race starts at 11 am sharp, but we expect all runners to be in the RUN TO KICK village at least one hour beforehand! That way, our registration desk can quickly hand out a starting number and t-shirt to everyone. You can then explore the RUN TO KICK village without having to rush, stretch and warm-up together. Much more fun…

Runners: what to bring with you

You will have to show the following documents at the registration desk:

A valid Covid Safe Ticket (more info :
— Your Identity card
The QR code as a confirmation that you collected 200€ (you will receive this via mail and sms)
— A student card (if you are between 18 and 25 years old and have collected less than 200€)

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

You should bring a large backpack to drop off your stuff at the depot.

On site facilities

There are no changing rooms or showers on site. Are you running? Then your belongings get a safe place in the depot of the village. There are toilets at the village, accessible by wheelchair.

Food & Drinks

On trail supply

Are you running? Then there are bananas, coockies and water to boost your energy after walking or running.

For those who run a longer course (10 km), water is provided at the side of the course at km 2 and km 5.

Food & Drinks stands

Water is available everywhere in the RUN TO KICK village and is free of charge.

Snacks, meals and drinks will be available for purchase in the RUN TO KICK village.

Tartes de Françoise : sweet pie at 5 euros and savoury flavours at 6 euro
El Camion :hamburgers at 10 euros
Gio’s Strada : pasta at 9 euro and pancakes at 4 euro
Nescafé Dolce Gusto trailer : coffee, tea and chocolate milk for 2 euros

For refreshing drinks, you can visit our bar with Juice Junkie beer and FrOui soft drinks

Drinks and meals can be paid in the RUN TO KICK village with tokens. The tokens are available at the entrance at registration and can be purchased with Visa, MasterCard, Bancontact, Maestro or cash.

You may also bring your own picnic. Just make sure you leave the RUN TO KICK village clean!

Kid’s Corner

Are you taking your kids to RUN TO KICK? Don't forget to register them in the Kid's Corner with this link:


Stay with us after the run! There will be a lot to do in the RUN TO KICK village.

The daredevils among us can defy their fear of heights on Decathlon's slackline.

Is dancing more your thing? Then you can let your feet run free with Malaika Events, Patrick Balzat and Le Rhythme des Fourmis.

The smiley Doctors Zinzin are also back and you will find them everywhere in the village. Be sure to drop by the legendary Star Wars Fanwars to meet them in real life.

Or have your face completely transformed by the talented Lind'Up and François Roze.

There is something for everyone! See you there!

Don't hesitate to contact us