Come and race with us to fund the fight!

Rehearse the kicker's dance 🕺 and danse with us live on September 27th. We'll be waiting for you, please don't leave us alone! (02:50)

What you finance

FIGHT KIDS CANCER — complex research projects in plain english👨‍🔬

AsiDNA: a molecule against high-grade glioma (FR) (03:36)

RESTRAIN – A molecule to sabotage neuroblastoma! (04:39)

ALARM 3 – Beating relapses and resistance to treatment in blood cancer (AML) (04:06)

Kicker’s playlist

Run on Angèle's beat with her playlist

Kick close to home

RUN TO KICK will be close to home with those fun tracks

Spread the word!

You will find here the full ambassador’s digital kit for RUN TO KICK: mail signature, zoom screen, flyers…

The Kicking Community

To share with us your pictures of your RUN TO KICK, you need to be connected first.

All the pictures

Video upload

Have you made a short video of your run or walk? We would love to display it during our live ceremony if you share it with us 😉 (you have to be connected for that)

Warm up & Stretching

Warm up with Marie of Muse of Greens (very important so you won't get any injuries!) 🤸 (01:25)

Strech wih Marie from Muse of Greens to relieve your tired muscles! 🙆🏻‍♀️ (01:15)

Do it for the kids

Everything you always wanted to ask about connected races but were too afraid to ask (01:25)

Our fundraising world experts share their best tips and techniques (01:15)

Why running matters (01:10)

Our families tell you why your participation is so important (01:14)


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